At Jubilee we believe that regular attendance of pupils correlates to raising achievement.  We are committed to the successful implementation of a whole school attendance policy. 

Please click here to see the policy in full.

Excellent punctuality is important because: 

  • Regular attenders make better progress, both socially and academically
  • Regular attenders find school routines and schoolwork easier to cope with
  • Regular attenders are more likely to find learning satisfying and to build strong friendships with their peers
  • Regular attenders have an easier transfer to secondary school, having developed positive habits in attending school every day
  • Children may be at risk of harm if they do not attend school regularly
  • There is a direct link between under-achievement and poor attendance
  • Creating a pattern of regular attendance establishes a positive habit for life

Excellent punctuality is important because: 

  • When pupils arrive late they can miss key learning opportunities
  • Good time keeping is a vital life skill that will help children as they progress through their school life and out into the wider world
  • When pupils are late it can be embarrassing for them
  • When pupils arrive late it can disrupt lessons

In to Win
In To Win is  a weekly competition for children in Reception to Year 6 to raise attendance throughout the school. 

There are photographs of children dressed up in funny wigs, glasses and hats which are taken at the beginning of each academic year by Peter Gill (originator of the game), if a child is absent we add them in at a later date.

The competition consists of a video running on a loop with head shots of all children, which is shown each Friday at the celebration assemblies to music.  The children enjoy seeing themselves on the video, and either sing or clap along.

The video is stopped randomly on a child’s face.  If the child has been in school all week, they will receive a prize.  If the child has been absent for a day during that week, the video will be run again until a winner is found.

The children have a chance to win either a small rewards i.e. superhero bands, masks or a ‘big’ monthly price of cinema vouchers to the value of £10.  This is a great incentive for children to attend Jubilee everyday.