At Jubilee we use our SMART rules to remind each other of the behaviour and values we expect from all our school community.  We spent a long time as a school deciding upon these key points and all characters in the SMART 5 were designed by pupils within the school. We use the language of the SMART 5 whenever we are resolving issues and we recognise and celebrate those who have excelled in any of these areas in our weekly Star Achiever Assemblies.

Safe – We will all feel safe and supported within our school.

Mindful –We will be considerate when moving around school, looking after all property.

Ambitious – We will all strive to do our best with our learning, even when we are finding it difficult, and allow for others to do the same.

Respectful – We will all communicate with everyone respectfully.

Truthful- we will all be honest and listen carefully to each other’s point of view.