IPC (topic) at Jubilee

Subject leader: Trinnel Lyn

At Jubilee, we offer a rich and varied curriculum to inspire the children’s interests and to enable them to be creative, resilient learners. Our learning is purposeful and highly relevant to the children’s lives and our local area, setting Brixton in a global context.  We use the International Primary Curriculum as a framework for our history, geography, art and DT, as well as providing the framework for our leaning in these foundation subjects much of our core learning in Literacy, Numeracy and Science interlinks with the IPC work each term. This ensures that the learning has a clear structure and sequence. Teachers work to tailor each unit to our children’s needs and interests.  

Each topic begins with an exciting entry point, which stimulates the children’s interest in the subject. The children complete a knowledge harvest at this point, which allows them to demonstrate their prior knowledge and to ask the questions they would like to find the answers to. This knowledge harvest is referred to continuously throughout the topic in order to encourage the children to reflect on their own learning journeys and to assess their progress. This ensures a sense of ownership over the learning and gives the children an understanding of how to deepen their knowledge. It also equips them with the tools to speak confidently about it. 

Each unit ends with a special event, such as an art exhibition or a performance, during which the children can share their learning with the wider school and community and be proud of what they have achieved.  

We use KWL: ‘What we Know,’ ‘What we Want to learn,’ and ‘What we have Learnt,’ with every topic, as well as the use of the IPC rubrics to assessments the children’s progress and to ensure the impact of our curriculum. 

It is our aim that, through the delivery of our exciting, creative curriculum, each child will be equipped not only with a wide range of knowledge and skills, but with the confidence and self-awareness necessary to become a conscientious global citizens.

Representation and inclusion across the curriculum

Our curriculum ensures that every child is represented and that all are included. We value diversity and celebrate our similarities and differences. We work hard throughout the year to ensure our planning represents the wide range of cultures we have at Jubilee. We constantly seek opportunities to celebrate our cultures and we are making use of Black History 365 to ensure our curriculum is cultural and relevant all year round. We make excellent use of the resources available locally to enrich our learning and to show the children how their learning can impact their community and the wider world.  
A good example of this is Year 4’s unit about chocolate. As with all of our topics, it is highly cross-curricular, linking to core subjects such as literacy, maths and science. As the culmination of their learning, they design and make their own chocolate. This is not only exciting and purposeful, but over the unit they develop a detailed understanding of the issues relating to Fair Trade and this encourages in them a sense of social responsibility. The children are then motivated to share their learning with the rest of the school and to express their opinions about issues in the world. 

If you would like to find out more about the IPC curriculum at Jubilee, please email admin@jubilee.lambeth.sch.uk and write F.O.A Louise Boyes and they will respond to the enquiry.