Enrichment Curriculum

To further develop the breadth and depth of our children’s learning here at Jubilee Primary, we provide an enrichment curriculum, which includes our extra-curricular activities and school excursions, to suit the needs of all our pupils. Our enrichment programme provides a myriad of experiences for children giving them an insight into the wealth of career choices and social skills.

One main focus of our enrichment programme is our wide range of daily school clubs including a wide range of sports, music and academic based clubs and activities.  To see the full range of clubs and activities that we offer and how to pay and sign up for them, please click on the link below to see the full brochure.

Clubs Spring term 2023

School Council
Another main aspect of our enrichment programme is our school council body. As part of upholding British values, students are elected from Reception to Year 6 via a classroom vote introducing our children to the importance of democracy and the rule of law. Members represent the views of their peers and meet weekly to discuss issues that affect them as students of Jubilee. This offers students the opportunity of having their voices heard and feel part of a community. 
Congratulations to the school council representatives of 2019-20 who have been duly elected by their peers to represent the views of pupils on key matters.

School Trips
The final aspect of our enrichment programme is the plethora of school trips children go on. All our school excursions are linked to the curriculum and provide a wealth of learning experiences for pupils of all learning needs. School trips are a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities including: general explorations, taught sessions and workshops. Our children are always enthusiastic about their school trips and can apply knowledge to further develop their understanding. 
We at Jubilee will continue to improve our enrichment programme to ensure our curriculum remains diverse and inclusive, appealing to our wider community. We look forward to continue working with our dedicated team who run clubs on a daily basis and welcome ideas from our parents who would like to share their expertise or skills with our children by running a club.