The Resource Provision for deaf children at Jubilee Primary School


Our Resource Base for deaf children provides a safe and language-rich environment for children with varying levels of hearing loss. We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to realise their full potential in their formative primary years by creating an inclusive whole-school environment and a broad and balanced multi-sensory curriculum appropriate to each child’s needs.

‘Confident communicators, resilient learners, independent thinkers’ 

The Resource Provision

Teaching, learning and inclusion. What do we offer? 

  • A team of qualified ToDs (QTODs) and specialist teaching assistants (HSTAs) to identify the needs of pupils and provide appropriate and challenging learning.
  • Standardised and specialist assessments to identify pupils’ needs.
  • Collaborative working with other specialists (Speech and Language therapists, occupational therapists, the cochlear implant team) to maximise outcomes for pupils.
  • Close working with mainstream teachers to support inclusion, including regular training from a QToD to mainstream staff.
  • Access to a diverse curriculum including the music programme offered throughout the school.
  • Joined target setting with parents, teachers and learning assistants throughout the year

Inclusion in all parts of school life  including: trips, clubs, after school activities and roles of responsibility. 

  • A variety of methods to support pupils: specific withdrawal, in-class support, reverse inclusion and 1:1 or small group intervention
  • QToDs deliver a targeted curriculum to meet the specific language needs of deaf pupils in English sessions to a mixed group of deaf and hearing children who require specialist support.
  • QToDs and HSTAs support differentiation and setting appropriate tasks in Topic, Science, Maths and other curriculum areas in the mainstream classroom

Through this approach, we aim to broaden deaf pupil’s knowledge while also developing essential language skills.

Communication modes. What do we offer? :

  • A Total Communication (TC) approach to provide access to learning for pupils at the Resource Base. This means access to written and spoken English, Sign Supported English (SSE), British Sign Language (BSL) and lip reading as appropriate.
  • Support to individual pupils in their preferred mode of communication, and teaching to develop a broad range of communication skills across the different modes. 
  • Continuous BSL training for mainstream staff ensures that BSL usage is standardised and relevant to the demands of the curriculum. 
  • Pupils will gain proficiency in BSL and a greater understanding of their deaf identity. 
  • Supporting the social and emotional well-being of our pupils through close links with families, relevant professionals, and access to language in the classroom. 

Audiological support. What do we offer? :

  • Acoustically treated rooms throughout the school building. 
  • Soundfield technology used consistently in classrooms to create an inclusive listening environment. 
  • Good links between school, audiology departments and parents to maximise the benefit of audiological equipment. 
  • Daily checks of audiological equipment ensure that any faults are quickly identified, reported and resolved. 
  • Regular visits from the Educational Audiologist from Lambeth Hearing Support Service to maintain and audit equipment, and ensure good practice. 
  • Regular training from the QToD to mainstream staff to ensure staff members are aware of the audiological and language needs of deaf pupils. 

Community links. What do we offer? :

  • The opportunity for parents to network as well as meet the Hearing Support Service staff at events throughout the year for all parents of children with a hearing loss in Lambeth. 
  • Parents’ evenings and meetings with the QToD on a regular basis. 
  • The opportunity to meet deaf pupils across Lambeth as a peer group at events organised with Lambeth Hearing Support Service. 
  • Support for deaf pupils aged 8-16 wishing to attend Lambeth’s weekly youth club for children with a hearing loss.


The Resource Provision accepts children who:

  • Are of an appropriate age for entry from Nursery to Year 6.

  • Have a permanent severe to profound hearing loss or a moderate to profound hearing loss with an additional language and communication need.

  •  Have a completed Education healthcare plan (EHCP) with hearing loss as the prime need or are undergoing statutory assessment for an EHCP.

What do we aim for our children?

  • To achieve their highest standards.
  • To become good communicators, with a secure first language.
  • To be proficient in a range of communication modes including BSL, English and SSE (Sign Supported English).
  • To gain a firm sense of their personal deaf identity: understanding their own hearing loss, its impact and the equipment that helps them.
  • To be confident contributors in all areas of their school and home lives.
  • To develop a love of learning and positive self-esteem.
  • To have full access to the National Curriculum.
  • To be prepared for transfer to secondary school.

For further information about the Resource Provision please contact: 
Telephone: 020 7926 9061