Jubilee Children’s Centre and the Brixton/Tulse Hill Better Start Area


Jubilee Children’s Centre is now the lead provider for the Brixton/Tulse Hill Better Start Area which comprises Jubilee Children’s Centre, Loughborough Children’s Centre and Effra at Brockwell. Through these centres we provide a wide range of  services for local families with a child under 5.

Our core purpose is to reduce inequalities for young children and families in the following areas:

  • Child development and school readiness

  • Parenting aspirations, self-esteem and parenting skills

  • Child and family health and life chances

We achieve this through bringing essential services into your reach, improving access for you and your family in our welcoming and friendly environment.  

Our services support the needs of all families in the area around Brixton and Tulse Hill and has empathy for the cultural and ethnic diversity in our community. We work together with other local and national organisations and if for whatever reason we are unable to support you directly we will provide the necessary support for you to access services to meet your family’s needs.

Jubilee, Effra and Loughborough Children’s Centres offer a range of services in addition to those advertised within this timetable. These include; 


·         Employment and Training Advice - All the advice and support you may need if you are thinking about going back to work, changing your career or in need of benefit guidance.

·         Play Drop In Sessions. Fun things to see and do with great activities for you and your child to help develop language and social skills and help prepare them for nursery school. We also have a range of groups and activities for babies and toddlers to promote positive social interaction, health and development.

·         Speech and Language support with trained speech therapist for children with specific language and communication needs.

·         Breast Feeding Support Groups and antenatal clinics for new parents.  

·         Parenting courses, Family Learning Courses, ESOL, Maths, Literacy, ICT  Training         for adult learners with free crèche.

·         Childminders Drop In especially for registered childminders to network and                    access training.


Our Better Start Workers are here to help. Examples of the support they can provide are:  


·         Accessing the free Early Learning offer  

·         Domestic violence support  

·         Support for families with no recourse to public funds  

·         Special needs and disability support and advice  

·         Working with young parents 

·         Support for non-English speakers 

·         Foodbank vouchers  

·         Outreach services include home visiting and support to access other services and information at the centre or in the local community.


Please click here  to see the full range of activities on offer or drop by the Children’s Centre to speak to one of our amazing workers and find out more.